Are We There Yet?

…and by there, I mean the end of this terrible week. Let me explain.

Our family was hit with the devastating news of my Papa (grandfather) passing,so of course my mom got on the first plane possible to Florida so she could be with her mom and siblings. I stayed here to take care of my daughter because I just thought it would be so difficult to drive 14+ hours one way and try to keep my 16 month old quiet during a funeral and have her wondering why everyone around her was so sad. I’m still not sure if I made the right choice, but it’s too late to change it and there is no use for regrets about it. The plus side to this is that I get to have a wonderful image in my head of the last time I saw my Papa. We visited family in Florida last August when my daughter got to meet a lot of her extended family on my side for the first time. My last memory with Papa is him holding my daughter and jokingly calling her little fatso. I will forever cherish that memory. ❤


So I should also note that my mother watches my daughter for me during the week while I am at work (because she is an angel!) so this shook Baby Girl’s little snow globe up a a bit. I also have an awesome boss and company owner who have let me bring Baby Girl to work with me while mom is in Florida (amazing!), and my boss’s daughter has been taking care of her, keeping her company, and playing with her in the office. How did I get so blessed?? I couldn’t tell you!

So that catches you up on the sad stuff, let’s move on to some happy topics…


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