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You may be asking yourself: ‘Did she forget about us?’, ‘Did she abandon the blog after just two posts??’, ‘Did she fall off the face of the Earth?’ …and the answers to that are no, no and yes kind of. I’ve missed my little blog and followers, trust me! Life has been very hectic lately, mostly with personal family issues that should not be sprawled out on a blog (unless you are running THAT kind of blog…I’m not.) so we will just leave it at this: I’m ready for Summer to come to an end (gasp!). It’s true, it has been a wonderful, tragic, crazy, roller coaster ride of a season and I’m quite ready to turn the page.

So what’s been going on that I CAN share with you guys? LOTS! πŸ™‚

Happy Wife.

My husband and I have been blissfully married for just over three months and I feel like we’ve already checked a few of the ‘BIG things married couples go through together’ items off of our list. Bright side? We’ve made it through them together πŸ™‚ It’s funny because even though we’ve been together for over 4 years and lived together before we were married (no judging), it still feels a little different now that we’ve married. Part of that might be that now we useΒ the same bank (separate checking, joint savings), I dropped my cellphone provider and got added to his, and of course having my name be different on everything now. It’s those little things that make me giggle and smile. Silly? Eh, I’m a newlywed, I’m allowed πŸ˜‰ I’d love to hear (read) some of your favorite things about being a newlywed. What made your heart flutter and sparked that thought of ‘Wow, I’m MARRIED!’ πŸ™‚ Tell me in the comments!

Fit Girl.Β 

Have I mentioned that I hate running? No? I. Hate. Running! Soooo, ask me why I have always wanted to do those funky, fun, 5ks that are the new fad. I get excited when I see ads for them and I’m like YEAH! I want to do THAT! Running can’t be as bad if I’m being shot with color bombs, crawling through mud and up rope walls and then take a covered-in-all-of-it selfie at the finish line! …right? Let’s hope so because in Novembber (like right around the corner, November) I am doing the Color Run with my sister (eep!) I should probably also note that I do not own a good pair of running shoes (should probably get on that) and have not even been attempting to run or condition (should probably have gotten on that 6 months ago. womp womp.) So we shall see how this goes. I already warned my sister that I will be like a turtle stampeding through molasses and she says that’s ok. As long as she still loves me at the finish line I’ll be ok Haha πŸ˜‰ I will definitely be posting a big ol’ blog post full of pictures after the massacre, I mean 5k for all of you to see (and laugh at). Be nice.

Crunchy Mom.

So when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had planned this beautiful natural birth where I would be unmedicated, holding my baby in my arms with this sense of love for my body I had never felt before. Yea…it didn’t happen like that. I still got to hold my beautiful, healthy baby girl, which of course was the only part that TRULY mattered, but because of many preeclampsia induced complications (one right after the other), my natural birth did not happen. I am determined that this time, things will be different.

…wait. Did she just say THIS time?

Yes. That’s right, the BIG NEWS on this blog is that we are expecting our second baby in March πŸ™‚ *Sound the trumpets* πŸ™‚ Life has been so crazy that I am already 14 weeks along and haven’t even had the chance to announce it yet. When I was pregnant with my daughterΒ I was on Facebook with the pee stick still in my hand like ‘O M G Guess who is preggoooooo’ …or something like that. πŸ˜‰ This time, I wanted to do one of those cute announcements that you see girls do and you’re just like ‘Ugh. Who has time to be that darn cute?!’ Well I assure you, it’s not this girl! But I am making the time (about 9 weeks after we found out) to do it. So here you go:


So back to the natural birth thing…(Who does that??)

I am still taken back when people hear I am planning, not just a natural birth, but a natural HOME birth. I get r
actions like ‘How close are you to a hospital?’, ‘Ouch!’, and my favorite ‘Why??’

Why? Because I CAN! πŸ™‚ Because women were made with this INCREDIBLE ability to BIRTH a HUMAN! Our bodies are made to give us instructions if we just listen. Instructions that a doctor can’t hear, instructions that our partner can’t hear (but can definitely support), instructions that WE as women are given on how to safely and happily bring a child into this world.

Amazing right?

Why would I not want to let my body do what it is meant to do? Now I’m not getting on my soapbox and saying everyone can do it because there are definitely medical reasons that some women just can’t. I know a couple women who just would not have physically opened up enough to birth a child without their pelvic bone cracking. Ouch! And like me, there are women who have complications that make it unsafe to birth in certain ways. I was told I could not even get out of bed to labor because my blood pressure was so high it would be dangerous for both me and my daughter. That wasn’t a chance I was willing to take.

Since everything I went through with my last birth, I am more educated on preeclampsia and working towards making my natural birth happen this time, with the assistance of an amazing woman and midwife and two kick-butt doulas πŸ˜‰ I am SO blessed to have these ladies in my corner along with my hubby and my mom.

Bonus? This time, there isn’t a chance of me not having my labor bag, birthing playlist, etc. because it will be home and so will we πŸ˜‰ w00t!

I want to know your thoughts on any and all of this. I’m open to all opinions, but no negativity please. If you don’t have anything nice to say, remember what your mama taught you and don’t say anything at all. And if your mama didn’t teach you that, this mama can Haha

Post-blog info:

If any ladies are thinking about a natural home birth or just curious to find out more please check out my midwife’s website:Β

I was very skeptical of a home birth (being the worry-wart I am) until I talked to these ladies and now I am sure that it is right for me. Find out if it’s right for you and your baby πŸ™‚


Next time!

Happy Wife. Fit Girl. Crunchy Mom.


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