Are We There Yet?

…and by there, I mean the end of this terrible week. Let me explain.

Our family was hit with the devastating news of my Papa (grandfather) passing,so of course my mom got on the first plane possible to Florida so she could be with her mom and siblings. I stayed here to take care of my daughter because I just thought it would be so difficult to drive 14+ hours one way and try to keep my 16 month old quiet during a funeral and have her wondering why everyone around her was so sad. I’m still not sure if I made the right choice, but it’s too late to change it and there is no use for regrets about it. The plus side to this is that I get to have a wonderful image in my head of the last time I saw my Papa. We visited family in Florida last August when my daughter got to meet a lot of her extended family on my side for the first time. My last memory with Papa is him holding my daughter and jokingly calling her little fatso. I will forever cherish that memory. ❤


So I should also note that my mother watches my daughter for me during the week while I am at work (because she is an angel!) so this shook Baby Girl’s little snow globe up a a bit. I also have an awesome boss and company owner who have let me bring Baby Girl to work with me while mom is in Florida (amazing!), and my boss’s daughter has been taking care of her, keeping her company, and playing with her in the office. How did I get so blessed?? I couldn’t tell you!

So that catches you up on the sad stuff, let’s move on to some happy topics…


Happy Wife. 

So let me give you a good laugh to start your day (at my expense). Once upon a time (about a month and a half ago) my husband-to-be and I, went to the courthouse to apply for our marriage license. We filled out the papers, paid the fee, got the packet of papers we needed to proceed and were told to mail the license using the pre-addressed envelope we were given after the pastor signed it. So, fast forward to a few days ago (almost a month after our wedding) to me getting nervous that we had yet to receive our marriage certificate  (are you seeing where this is going?). I frantically call the courthouse and told them that I had not yet received my marriage license…in the mail. I bet the poor clerk had to hold back the laughter as he told me that the license wasn’t mailed out, it came back to the courthouse and we had to pick it up *face-palm*. I. felt. so. dumb. How was I suppose to know? We weren’t told that and I’ve never been married before! Maybe I just lack the common sense that some people have haha The important thing is that we now have our marriage license and I can start the process of legally changing my name 🙂 The guy has it so easy when it comes to getting married! :p


Fit Girl.

Let me catch ya’ll up on a little bit of magic called the Advocare 10-Day Cleanse!

The 24 Day Challenge that I talked about in my last post (here) is broken up into two phases, the Cleanse Phase (days 1-10) and the Max Phase (days 11-24) The cleanse phase is a “gentle and uneventful” (as my coach says) way of cleaning out the junk (you know, those 7-11 burritos and sodas) and getting your body ready to absorb nutrients, burn fat, and process foods the way it is made to! This first 10 days is crucial to the process and the results amaze me every time I do it. This time I lost 5lbs. and 10″ off my body…in 10 days! That’s 5lbs. of JUNK that was floating around in my body that I don’t have weighing me down anymore. 5lbs. of junk no longer making me feel sluggish, making me crave things I shouldn’t, keeping me from getting through that last rep of squats. NO MORE! I’m now on day 15 (the 5th day of the Max Phase) where I am taking my MNS Max 3, which are all natural vitamins full of the stuff your body is lacking and,even though you’re eating clean, might not be getting from food. This just keeps everything in check. It’s maintenance from here, eating clean, exercising regularly (I won’t lie, I’m not that great at this one yet) and drinking plenty of H2O! I’m feeling great and ready to ROCK the rest of this Challenge!!!

If you’re interested in joining me and starting your own Advocare journey, check out my Advocare microsite or message me on here for more info. I’d love to coach you into a new, fit, happy, healthy lifestyle.


Crunchy Mom. (+some)

Oh. My. Stars (and stripes). What a great Independence Day my little family had. I needed a distraction from the above mentioned sadness ^^ so at the last minute, the hubby and I planned a cook-out at our house with a few friends. It was nothing big, just a small gathering of some of our favorite people, some yummy food (and sangria) and a lot of laughter. So we had one of my best friends (M) and her beau (we’ll call him dub) over and another guy friend of ours (We’ll call him Panda). We put out the kiddie pool for Baby Girl and this went down:

10526189_4234825766109_9220325403265422302_n unnamed (2)

Me & M enjoying some homemade sangria that I attempted to copycat from a local bar 🙂

10447868_4234825166094_941050223120106245_n Sriracha chicken kabobs, Bourbon steak kabobs, cheesy bacon and cream cheese stuffed jalapenos, Parmesan potatoes (all done on the grill), deviled eggs, and Snickerdoodle apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream. All homemade. Prepped by the girls, grilled by the hubby, supervised by Dub. Obviously the ice cream and sangria were not Advocare Challenge friendly, but I needed to not care for the night.

Then us girls made tie-dye shirts. It was my first time ever tie-dying (crazy, I know!).

unnamed (1)

We made shirts for us, a shirt for Baby Girl and shirts for the guys. 🙂 Here is mine and Baby Girl’s:



Baby Girl played in the pool and her sandbox (Auntie M joined her in the sandbox at one point, sangria and all haha), and after we ate we enjoyed some time by the fire pit.



It was nice.


Saturday, we went to family’s house for food and more pool splashing, this time mama got to enjoy the pool too 😉 Baby Girl not only got to play in the pool but she also bounced on a trampoline for the first time, swung on the swing-set, and chased a chicken >.<


Sunday we went with another pair of friends (C & D) and their little girl to the fair. This was Baby Girl’s first time at the fair and I think she really enjoyed it 🙂 We all rode the Ferris Wheel first and then the hubby and I took turns taking her on the other rides. She rode the apples (which D and I made sure didn’t spin haha), the tea cups, the “Crazy Bus” and the flying elephants (which she seemed to like the best). She also loved the lemonade 😉

And while this may seems like the opposite of “crunchy” parenting, and totally out of the norm for us, Baby Girl ate: apple crisp and ice cream on Friday, a few bites of cupcake on Saturday, and some funnel cake on Sunday! That is a rarity.


Now it’s back to the daily grind, just waiting anxiously for our floating trip this weekend with a group of friends 🙂 🙂 🙂


Later gators!

Happy Wife. Fit Girl. Crunchy Mom.




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